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In recent years, the rise in AI-generated content has prompted a surge in the development and need for AI detection tools, making the search for the best AI text detector free a vital concern for maintaining content integrity. Over 60% of online content is now influenced by AI in some form, highlighting the pressing need for advanced tools like plagiarism checkers and AI content detectors to ensure authenticity. This guide shines a light on the top free AI detection tools of 2024, designed to identify and humanize AI-generated text, thereby enhancing content originality and fighting against the challenges posed by AI plagiarism.

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Detecting AI-generated text has become a significant challenge due to sophisticated AI models that blur the lines between human and machine-generated content, making tools such as AI checker free and AI writing detector more essential than ever. Among the featured tools are leaders in AI content detection technology including, content at scale, and the best AI detectors crafted to address the increasing instances of AI-generated text submissions. These tools not only help in verifying the authenticity of content but also play a crucial role in academic integrity and digital content creation by offering a robust defense against the imperfections of existing detection models.


TraceGPT, a notable component of, stands out with its proprietary GPT model tailored for high-precision AI detection, boasting accuracies of 99.91% for ChatGPT and 99.93% for Claude. This tool offers a comprehensive suite of features including a plagiarism checker, authorship verification, and a handy Chrome extension, alongside its custom GPT capabilities. It can handle extensive documents up to 307,200 characters, roughly equivalent to 170 pages, making it suitable for in-depth content analysis.

Key Features and Pricing

  1. High Accuracy and Extensive Text Handling: TraceGPT is engineered for high accuracy, achieving 97-98% in detecting AI-generated content and minimizing false positives, particularly in mixed content scenarios.
  2. Comprehensive Tools and Extensions: Users benefit from integrated tools such as a plagiarism checker and authorship verification, enhancing its utility.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: The interface is designed for ease of use, requiring no additional training, which makes it accessible for all users.
  4. Flexible Pricing: Starting at $5.99 for 20 pages, TraceGPT offers a cost-effective solution for users, with transparent pricing models that cater to various needs.

Community Feedback and Support

TraceGPT is not only backed by a small, dedicated team but also garners positive community feedback, evidenced by a high rating of 4.7/5 from 23 votes and perfect user reviews. It provides individual support and a flexible approach, further enhancing user satisfaction.

This tool also allows for public display of a verification badge on websites or products, affirming the authenticity of the content checked by TraceGPT, thus boosting trust and credibility.

Winston AI

Winston AI emerges as a formidable player in the realm of AI content detection, boasting a remarkable accuracy rate of 99.98% in identifying AI-generated text. This tool is not only efficient but also versatile, offering integration options with educational platforms like Blackboard and Google Classroom, as well as a functional API for business applications. Additionally, Winston AI enhances its accessibility through a Zapier integration, facilitating seamless connections with other apps and automating workflows for AI content detection.

Key Features and Pricing

  1. High Accuracy Detection: Winston AI’s advanced technology enables it to detect AI-generated content with nearly perfect accuracy.
  2. Comprehensive Integration Options: The tool integrates smoothly with educational systems and business APIs, broadening its usability.
  3. Versatile Functionality: Beyond text, Winston AI also offers AI image detection, an advanced plagiarism checker, and a readability score checker.
  4. Pricing Structure: A 7-day free trial is available, with subsequent premium plans priced at $12/month for 80,000 words and $19/month for 200,000 words.

Additional Features and Support

Winston AI provides a Chrome Extension for easy access and use, supporting a variety of file formats including jpg, png, tiff, pdf, and docx, and is available in multiple languages like English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. Despite its high detection rates, there is room for improvement in detecting paraphrased text, where it currently stands at a 1% detection rate. This highlights an area where Winston AI could enhance its capabilities to match or surpass competitors like


Hive AI presents a multifaceted approach to AI content detection, focusing on text, image, and audio. Its system processes user inputs, providing scores and pinpointing the most artificial segments. Notably, Hive AI’s Content Checker excels in plagiarism detection, AI content filtering, and site-wide ban enforcement. According to a New York Times article, Hive’s AI-Generated Content Classification model surpasses similar products in effectiveness.

Performance and Accuracy

  • AI Detection Capabilities: Hive AI Detector, integrated as a Chrome extension, boasts a 99% accuracy rate in distinguishing between human and AI-generated content, although its reliability has been questioned.
  • Error Rates: Hive consistently shows lower error rates compared to competitors across various moderation categories, including visual, text, and audio.
  • Specific Failures: In testing, Hive correctly identified human, ChatGPT, and mixed content, but it failed with Claude content.

User Experience and Support

  • Accessibility: The Hive AI Content Checker is free and includes a Chrome Extension, simplifying access for users.
  • Community Insights: Discussions on platforms like Reddit highlight some limitations of the Hive AI Detector, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking over reliance on any single tool.

Applications and Services

  • Broad Application Spectrum: Hive offers solutions for technology platforms, sports, media, marketing, NFT platforms, marketplaces, dating apps, and online communities.
  • Content Moderation: Capabilities extend to video, image, text, and audio moderation, with AutoML available for developers to create custom deep learning models.

This comprehensive suite of features positions Hive as a robust contender in the AI detection space, particularly valued for its broad application spectrum and strong performance in specific content detection scenarios.


GPTZero stands out as a notable AI plagiarism detector that leverages statistical data to assess whether text is generated by a human or an AI. This tool is particularly recognized for its capabilities in checking originality, perplexity, and burstiness, making it a comprehensive solution for various users including educators, writers, and professionals.

Key Features and Accessibility

  1. Ease of Use: GPTZero is user-friendly and freely accessible, making it an attractive option for those who need quick and efficient AI text detection.
  2. Comprehensive Detection: It supports a wide range of language models such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, GPT-3, and others, enhancing its versatility in detecting AI-generated content.
  3. Privacy and Security: The tool ensures user data privacy as it does not store data from API calls and provides necessary citations for academic use.

Performance and Integration

  • Accuracy and Limitations: While GPTZero shows high accuracy with several models, it struggles with Claude but performs well with human and ChatGPT-generated texts.
  • Enhanced Features: Offers a Chrome extension, API access, and integrations, which broadens its applicability across different platforms and user needs.

Pricing and Plans

GPTZero offers a free plan that allows scanning up to 10,000 words per month. For users with greater needs, premium plans start from $10 per month, providing more extensive features and higher word limits.

This tool has been endorsed by notable tech platforms like TechCrunch and has garnered positive reviews for its effectiveness and utility in academic and professional settings. The need for a holistic assessment and controlled environments for student work is emphasized, along with providing educators with tools to mitigate AI misuse.

Performance and Accuracy

  • AI Detection Capabilities: has demonstrated a strong ability to detect AI-generated content, accurately identifying 90% of such material in tests.
  • Advanced Tools: This AI detection tool includes a plagiarism checker and a readability checker, enhancing its utility for ensuring content integrity.
  • Fact Checking Aid: It provides a fact-checking aid with 72.3% accuracy, which helps in reducing the publication of incorrect information.

User Experience and Features

  • Ease of Setup and Use: Users find setting up an account and navigating through straightforward, which simplifies the user experience.
  • Cookie Management: The platform uses cookies to personalize content and ads, and users can manage their consent preferences for various types of cookies.

Pricing and Plans

  • Cost-Effective Pricing: charges only one cent per 100 words, offering a pay-as-you-go plan without the need for a monthly subscription, making it an affordable option for users.

Technical Specifications and Integration

  • BERT Model Utilization: The tool is based on the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) model, employing advanced machine learning to detect AI-generated content.
  • API Integration:’s industry-leading AI detection capabilities can be integrated into user tools or workflows using its well-documented AI Content Detector API.

Challenges and Limitations

  • Accuracy Concerns: While highly effective, has faced challenges with its Turbo 3.0 engine, leading to a 1.56% error rate in misidentifying human-written text as AI-generated, indicating a need for further enhancements in the algorithm.


Performance and Accuracy

  • AI Detection Capabilities: Smodin demonstrates robust capabilities in identifying AI-generated content, particularly excelling with human and ChatGPT outputs. It achieves this with a commendable accuracy range of 95-99%, depending on the detection settings chosen by the user.
  • Language Support: The tool offers extensive language support, detecting AI-written text in over 100 languages, which significantly broadens its usability across different regions and user bases.
  • Grammar and Spelling Analysis: Adding another layer of scrutiny, Smodin incorporates checks for grammar and spelling, enhancing its ability to flag potential AI-generated texts.

Tools and Features

  • Versatile Tools: Smodin is equipped with a variety of tools including a Text Rewriter, Plagiarism Checker, AI Writer, Summarizer, AI Content Detector, and an AI Essay Grader, making it a comprehensive suite for educational and professional needs.
  • Multilingual Support: It supports text rewriting and plagiarism detection in over 100 languages, catering to a global audience and a wide array of content requirements.

User Experience and Accessibility

  • Ease of Use: Recommended practices suggest rewriting one paragraph at a time for optimal results, which helps in maintaining the coherence and quality of the output.
  • User Base and Impact: With over 18 million users and an impressive record of 30 billion hours saved across 2 trillion rewritten text characters, Smodin’s impact is significant, showcasing its effectiveness and efficiency.

Pricing and Plans

  • Flexible Plans: Smodin offers a free version suitable for casual users, while more intensive needs can be met through premium plans, making it accessible to a wide range of users.


Through this guide, we’ve navigated the landscape of free AI text detectors set to revolutionize content integrity in 2024. The spotlight on tools such as TraceGPT, Winston AI, Hive, GPTZero,, and Smodin not only showcases the technological advancements in detecting AI-generated content but also underlines the increasing necessity for such tools in reinforcing academic integrity, digital content creation, and the broader implications of maintaining originality in the era of AI. Each tool, with its unique features, pricing, and user feedback, offers a spectrum of solutions tailored to various needs, highlighting a collective move towards more reliable and accessible AI detection.

As we step forward, the continuous evolution of AI technologies will undeniably bring forth further challenges in content verification, making it imperative for users to stay informed and utilize these advanced detection tools. The broad implications of these developments signal a pivotal shift in how we approach content authenticity, urging a concerted effort towards promoting transparency and trust in digital spaces. Therefore, embracing these innovations and fostering an environment that values originality will be key to navigating the future of content creation and consumption.


Q: Which free AI detector is known for its high reliability? A: The top 6 AI content detectors known for their reliability are TraceGPT for its accuracy, Winston AI for its seamless integrations, Hive as a commendable free AI content detector, GPTZero for additional writing analysis features, which offers different models to suit various risk tolerances, and Smodin for its affordable unlimited usage.

Q: What is the leading AI content detector of 2024? A: GPTZero stands out as the leading AI content detector in 2024, offering high accuracy and a user-friendly interface. It provides detailed analysis and is available as a free plan, making it widely accessible. Additionally, its Chrome extension is a convenient feature for performing quick content checks while browsing online.

Q: Which AI tool is the best and completely free to use? A: Codeium AI is considered one of the best completely free AI tools available. It serves as a software development assistant, using AI to resolve complex issues typically requiring human intelligence. This tool is particularly useful for data analysis, allowing developers and data scientists to create predictive models with great ease.

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